2019 JCRR Improvements (2017-109)

Project Description

To address continued traffic growth and future development expected along the Johnny Cake Ridge Road corridor, a traffic analysis for the corridor was completed from McAndrews Road to 150th Street. A portion of this analysis included a recommendation for the future configuration of Johnny Cake Ridge Road from McAndrews Road to 140th Street. According to the traffic analysis, this segment of roadway has current ADTs (Annual Daily Traffic) ranging from 7,700 to 9,000 (depending on location along the corridor), with 2040 ADTs expected to be as high as 16,900. The recommendation generally included converting the existing 4-lane roadway (no turn lanes) to a 3-lane road diet, which would include 2 thru lanes (1 north and 1 south), along with a center two way left turn lane and right turn lanes at each intersection.

Also, due to the continued deterioration of the existing pavement section, issues with underground utilities, the need for storm water best management practices (BMPs) to improve Water Quality in Long and Farquar Lakes, and the need to extend the Dakota County North Creek Greenway Trail along this corridor, the City is proposing a roadway reconstruction of Johnny Cake Ridge Road from McAndrews to 140th Street in 2019. The proposed reconstruction of the road presents a logical time for the City to implement the recommendations from the traffic analysis.

Construction is scheduled for spring/summer 2019.
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