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Our Mission

Protecting Our Community and Improving Quality of Life through Service, Education, and Enforcement.

Our organization takes pride in providing the highest quality police services to our citizens and businesses. Learn more about the Apple Valley Police.

Would you like to ask the Chief a question? Ask the Chief by email. Your email will be viewed during normal business hours.

For more info about the Apple Valley Police Department, access our Annual Report.

E-Reporting for Police Reports

In response to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, the Police Department encourages people to reduce face-to-face contact and file an e-report for gathering information about non-person and after the fact crimes.  People should continue to call 911 during an emergency.  The E-Report is intended as a means for the public to provide police with information, while not risking exposure by giving report information in person.

File E-Report

  1. Common Ordinances and Rules
  2. Filing and Receiving Reports
  3. Lost, Stolen, and Impounded
  4. Crime Prevention
  5. Neighborhood Watch
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