If you notice a light is out...

Most residential streetlights within the City of Apple Valley are maintained by Dakota Electric Association. For repairs call (651) 463-6287. If possible, note the identification number found at eye level on the pole. With this number, Dakota Electric knows the pole’s exact location. If you do not know the pole number, please provide the closest address or cross streets.


Commercial Roadway Streetlights 

  • Lights at the intersections of County Road 42 and Pilot Knob, and County Road 42 and Johnny Cake Ridge Road, are maintained by Xcel Energy. For repairs to these lights call (800) 960-6235. 
  • Sidewalk lights along 153rd Street West, between Foliage Avenue and Flagstaff Avenue, are maintained by Apple Valley. 
  • Streetlights along Cedar Avenue and Flagstaff Avenue are maintained by Apple Valley.

Cobblestone Lake Development
Development streetlights are maintained by the individual homeowner associations.

For repairs to lights maintained by the city or for questions, please contact the Public Works Department at (952) 953-2400.