A Brief History
A police department was first organized in what would become Apple Valley on September 9, 1964, in what was then called the Village of Lebanon. Two officers were hired, one being the first chief of police, Eugene Corrigan. These officers drove their personal vehicles, equipped with two-way radios supplied by the town. They were paid $2.75 per hour, 7.5 cents per mile, and an allowance for uniforms.

1960's Apple Valley police officers and squad car

Chief Eugene Corrigan established a culture of service to residents that continues to this day.  Officers patrol the 17.5 square miles of Apple Valley equipped with state of the art equipment including automated external defibrillators, medical oxygen, pursuit tire deflating devices, laser radar and in-squad video cameras.  Over the years, the community has experienced rapid growth and a rich diversity.  As the community changes, so too does the department to reflect changing expectations int he delivery of police services. The Department now utilizes Community Service Officers (CSOs) who are full time college students working in a part-time capacity as they prepare for a future career as a peace officer.  CSOs are responsible for assisting stranded motorists, transporting evidence to the state laboratory for analysis and animal control.  The Department also now provides crime prevention, neighborhood collaboration, retail crime, and special traffic enforcement programs to enhance our community safety.  There are many other programs and educational opportunities that the department and community participate in together each year.  Learn more about our current programs in our annual report.

The men and women of the Apple Valley Police Department work closely with the Apple Valley Fire Department to respond to emergencies and keep our community safe.  We are proud to serve residents and consistently strive to provide the highest quality police services.