Outdoor Ice Skating

Apple Valley is proud to offer 7 heated warming houses at 8 Parks in Apple Valley.  Each  has at least one hockey rink with nets and lights along with a pleasure skating rink.  The rinks are maintained (plowed, shaved, swept, watered) on a daily basis (Monday – Saturday), weather permitting.  All houses are attended by a parks and recreation employee during regular hours of operation and are equipped with snow shovels, for public use in the event of light snow precipitation or accumulated ice shavings. 

For Warming House closure information call
952.953.2399 option 5.  Warming Houses may be closed if the air temperature reaches -10F, the wind chill temperature reaches -20 degrees, or if 1" of snow or more has fallen.  If there has been significant snowfall, rinks will be plowed on a priority basis, but roads, school pathways, and sidewalks will be plowed first.

                                OUTDOOR ICE RINK HOURS OF OPERATION