Buckthorn is an invasive plant introduced into the United States from Europe many years ago, and today is commonly found in most natural and wooded areas. If left unmanaged, buckthorn generally will out-compete with native understory plants and become the dominant plant species. It is the first plant that is green in the spring and the last plant to be green in the fall, making it easy to identify. Property owners are encouraged to remove buckthorn to sustain and/or promote native plant communities.   

The Apple Valley Public Works Department will assist residents with buckthorn management by providing on-site consultation and use of City-owned pulling tools.  Residents can make arrangements with their private waste hauler to dispose of buckthorn material.  Buckthorn wood is safe to store and use for firewood.  Buckthorn can also be disposed at The Mulch Store, 16454 Blaine Avenue, Empire (651-423-4401).

Residents can request City-owned buckthorn removal tool(s) to pull buckthorn out of the ground ($300 deposit required per tool, cash or check). The tools are about the size of a large shovel with a wrench on the end and fit easily into most vehicles. These tools are designed to pull buckthorn plants with relative ease.  Pulling buckthorn eliminates the need for chemical stump treatment.  Buckthorn plants larger than 2” diameter are usually best removed by cutting at ground level and treating each stump chemically to kill the root system. To rent a buckthorn removal tool, fill out an online request form and Public Works staff will reach out to set up a pick-up time. Please note: Do not come to pick up a removal tool until our staff has reached out to set up an appointment. Numbers are limited and there may not be a tool readily available.

For additional buckthorn information visit the City website at www.cityofapplevalley.org, email natresource@cityofapplevalley.org or call the Public Works Department at 952-953-2400.

Buckthorn Leaves