A building permit is required for any deck attached to a dwelling or garage. Decks not attached to a structure that are 30 inches or less above grade do not require a permit. Decks exempt from a permit still need to meet setback and building code requirements. 

Resident homeowners may obtain a permit and complete their own work. Contractors shall be state licensed.


A plan review is required. If you make changes to the plan after the plan review is completed, a new plan and plan review are required before the work can proceed and you may be charged an additional plan review fee


Supply all of the following electronically with your permit application:

  • Plans drawn to scale
  • Footing locations, size, and depth (minimum depth 42”)
  • Distance to property lines
  • Deck size
  • Include Lot survey showing where the deck will be located*
  • Joist size and spacing
  • Beam size
  • Post size and spacing
  • Height and design of guardrail and stairway
  • Deck floor materials
  • Height of deck from the ground
  • Lateral Load Connectors

Indicate if you intend to build a future porch or install a hot tub on the deck to ensure correct footing sizing.
If applicable, written approval from the homeowners association is required to be submitted.

*For many homes in Apple Valley, the City already has a lot survey on file. To request a copy of your lot survey, please email us. Once you receive your survey, you will draw on the survey where your deck is being constructed on your lot. The survey with the drawing of the deck will need to be uploaded with the rest of your deck plans.


The following setbacks apply only to decks without a roof. There may be circumstances where different setbacks apply now or in the future. Questions about porch and building addition setbacks and/or requests for variances should be directed to the Planning Department.

  • Side Yard - Five feet
  • Front Yard - Verify setback
  • Rear Yard - For decks 18 inches or less above grade, five feet.
  • Rear Yard - For decks 18 inches above grade, eighteen feet.


Frost footings are required for any deck that provides direct access to a dwelling or attached garage. The minimum depth for these footings is 42 inches below grade. Round footing holes shall have tube forms and must be in place at the time of the footing inspection.


Holes for footings shall be inspected before placement of concrete. Forms should be on site.

A framing inspection shall be completed before installing decking for any deck that is 4 feet or less above grade. The inspector must be able to see the rim connection to the house, joist hangers, and beam connections. We need four (4) feet of clearance to inspect the rim connection to the house and verify the framing and fastener installations. If the inspector can walk under the deck, this inspection can be done with the final inspection.

The City of Apple Valley must be contacted for the final inspection when the deck is complete.

There are separate permit fees for Deck Replacement and Deck Repair.