Plumbing Commercial


Plumbing permits cannot be issued until the plumbing plans are approved by the Plumbing and Engineering Unit of the Department of Labor and Industry. Plumbing plans must be drawn by a registered mechanical engineer or a master plumber. Plumbing plans must be sent to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry for plan review at:

            Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
            Plumbing and Engineering Unit
            443 Lafayette Road N
            St Paul MN 55155

A Plumbing plan review application must accompany the plans. The plan review application may be obtained from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Plumbing and Engineering Unit.

The Plumbing and Engineering Unit may take up to six weeks to complete their plan review. Questions about plumbing plans or plan review will be answered by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Plumbing and Engineering Unit at 651-284-5063.

For commercial projects, another set of plans must be sent to the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) to determine the Sewer Availability Charge for the building. Their determination is usually made within five business days and forwarded to the City. The building permit for the project will not be issued until the City receives their determination. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the MCES by phone at 651-602-1770, by fax at 651-602-1030, or by email

Restaurants in Minnesota must be licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health. For licensing information call 651-201-4500. The Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture must also approve plans for Grocery Stores, Delicatessens, Butcher Stores, Bakeries, and Convenience Stores at 651-201-6000 or 1-800-967-2474.

Note: The City of Apple Valley require a grease trap for restaurants and businesses that generate a high volume of grease.


Some smaller commercial plumbing permits do not require plan review and approval by the State. The purpose of this checklist is to provide guidance to determine if a proposed project may be considered a “minor remodel” in areas where DLI performs plan review. A “minor remodel” must be five or fewer standard plumbing fixtures in non-licensed facilities and must have prior approval by the Administrative Authority. To qualify for “Minor Remodel,” ALL boxes in Parts A and B of this checklist must be checked “no.” To view and print this checklist, see Related Documents.

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