I thought the City was going to use synthetic turf for the Youth Baseball/Softball Complex?

The State Legislature passed Amara's law in 2023. The law places a ban on the non-essential use of poly-fluoroalkyl (PFAS) beginning in 2032. Based on the fact that most, if not all, synthetic turf contains PFAS, the City isn’t interested in installing a product that is planned to be banned in the near future. If a synthetic turf product is proven to not contain PFAS the city would consider the product. Installing synthetic turf is advantageous to youth baseball/softball to allow for earlier access in the spring, more games to be played, fewer cancellations because of weather conditions, and less regular maintenance by park maintenance crews.

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1. Why is the City putting forward an investment plan for the park system at this time?
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13. I thought the City was going to use synthetic turf for the Youth Baseball/Softball Complex?
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