How is ambulance service provided?

ALF Ambulance is a municipal-based advanced life support ambulance service operating under a Joint Powers Agreement and serving the Cities of Apple Valley, Lakeville and Farmington and adjacent townships in Dakota County.

A Board of Directors, which is comprised of a council member from each member city, is responsible for governance of the ambulance service including budget and program policies. The Board is responsible for establishing service requirements related to the provision of Advanced Life Support ambulance service in the three communities. An Executive Management Committee oversees the administrative functions of the organization. The Committee provides the organization with a broad range of quality expertise and experience in the fields of administration, personnel management, public safety and finance. The Executive Management Committee, which is comprised of one City Administrator and a staff member from each of the three cities, is accountable to the Board of Directors.

ALF is committed to providing high-quality, professional emergency pre-hospital services with nationally registered paramedics utilizing state of the art ambulances and medical and telecommunications equipment. ALF Ambulance currently contracts with Allina Health Emergency Medical Services to provide these advanced life support ambulance services. For more information, please visit Allina Health’s Website 

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1. How is ambulance service provided?